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The majority of people need to heal in some way. All of us, from time to again, are plagued with our negative thoughts, illnesses and injuries. You don’t have to meditate to get amazing results. Simple healing meditations or healing exercises can help you. You can see Your Highest Truth for more information.

Volunteering for Distant Healing Network allows me to suggest simple healing exercises or meditations which can lead to a complete and lasting recovery. The healing process is often gradual and we need to repeat meditations. Sometimes, it’s immediate.

Easy Affirmations & Visualizations

Your thoughts, your ideas, and your opinions will come to life. The thought of being sick or injure can be a major problem, especially for those who have suffered a chronic illness. We can be sicker or more injured if we think that way.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize that these thoughts are negative. Instead, they have become habitual. In order to overcome these unconsciously negative thoughts we use affirmations. Positive thoughts are put in their place. In the event that you have used this technique previously, you may need to only repeat your affirmation one or two times in order to achieve health and balance. Initially, you may need to say the affirmation many times every day over an extended period.

You should keep the affirmation brief, straightforward and without complexity. Select an affirmation that is opposite to the emotion you are experiencing. As an example, if depression is your problem, you could say, “Joy! Joy! Joy!” In the event that you’re prone to anxiety, anger, or fear, then you might say: “Peace. Or, “Calm, calm, calm.” You can also say, “I Am the Soul”. Or you can say, “I (am) a Being of Radiant Light”. When you say the phrase correctly, you will feel the tranquility or happiness you seek.

When the issue is physical, you can use the same antidote: “I’m completely healthy, happy, and healed” (and then visualize it). Visualize yourself as a ray of Divine light, completely healthy, and happy. Imagine yourself feeling happy, fully healthy and free from injury. Just a minute ago, I did the same exercise. Now instead of being flat-on-my back and sick with the influenza I am happily sitting at my computer writing this Journal. Many of the “miracles”, which we call as humans, are simply a change in how we perceive things.

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