How to choose a Spanish Immersion school

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You have so many options when it comes to choosing a Spanish immersion school. Narrowing down your choices to one is a difficult task. The following article offers some advice on how to make the best choice for yourself. You can see my spanish village for more information.

When price is the deciding factor for you, then go to Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Ecuador. Although the cost of tuition may be lower in some countries, it is not a reflection on the quality or instruction. It is merely based on the country’s economic situation. These schools are on par with schools in other nations where tuition costs more.

Then, you can decide whether or not you want to work with a private instructor, in a small class of learners, or one-onone. One of the benefits to working with a private teacher is you can get instruction specific to your requirements. It is especially useful if your study level has advanced. Then, being in a study group could slow you down.

You can also save some money by working with others in groups. The group rates tend to be lower. One-on one instruction is common in some countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Ecuador. Do not worry if your class is one-on-one. The schools are small so you’ll have many opportunities to get to know the students.

Then, decide whether you’d prefer to live in a larger city, mid-sized town or small village. Smaller villages can be boring if your interests are nightlife, culture and a lot of activities. Many beach towns have Spanish-immersion schools for those who enjoy surfing and other outdoor activities.

The majority of Spanish immersion programs offer homestays where you will live with an actual local family. The school provides you with your own room, three meals daily (except on Sundays), and the local family. You can learn more about local culture and practice your Spanish. You may find that the accommodation is not what you expect and will have to share bathroom facilities with your family. Hostels are a good option if privacy and the ability to spend late nights with guests is something you’re looking for. Many schools can assist you in finding one close by, and the prices are generally very reasonable.

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