The Close Up Look at Cosmetic Surgery

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History of plastic surgery seattle can be traced all the way back to antiquity. Old India’s medical doctors began to use skin grafts in 8th-century BC.

Susrutha was an Indian ancient surgeon who constructed the very first documented nose. A portion of skin or a small amount was taken from the forehead. Old Indian laws made nose amputation punishable at that time.

A few millennia later, Romans repaired damaged ears using simple techniques. Dr Heinrich von Pfolspeundt, a plastic surgeon in Europe at the time, performed simple surgery on an arm by suturing skin that was removed from its back.

The practice of plastic surgery and the science behind it advanced only during the 19th- and 20th-century. This was due to the fact that in earlier times plastic surgeries were viewed as too dangerous.

John Peter Mettauer is the first American Plastic Surgeon. He performed his first plastic surgery in 1827, a cleft lip and palate repair. He developed his own surgical materials and instruments.

Sir Harold Gillies was the founder of modern plastics surgery. He developed a variety of plastic surgery techniques. Sir Gillies worked with patients who had suffered facial trauma during World War I.

Definition of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery refers to any treatment, operation or manual procedure performed manually or with instruments for functional or aesthetic purposes.

The Greek word for ‘plastics’, which is used in plastic surgeys, means to mould or shape.

There are currently two major areas of plastic surgery. The two main areas of plastic surgery are:

Reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery focuses on covering or fixing damage in the external areas of the body or the face. In this form of plastic surgery, defects are closed by using regional, local and distant flaps to graft skin. The tissue from another area of the human body can be transferred through this procedure.

Aesthetic, or cosmetic surgery, is today’s most popular type of plastic surgery. This type of surgery is usually done to change or enhance features of the face or the body which the patient feels are ugly or unflattering. This type of surgery can include breast reduction or breast implant.

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