Waste Oil Recycling

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The oil that is considered waste oil, or used oil, is oil which has been contaminated by other substances. It is therefore not safe to use and can even be dangerous. Due to this potential toxic nature, several regulations were introduced to regulate the oil and to ensure its safe disposal. This is to reduce the damage to humans and the environment. The oil reclamation near me industry has become a huge player in the waste oil recycling business, as it wants to use cooking and motor oils.

Uses for recycled oil

The oil can be cleaned and used for other purposes. Purified oil can be used to generate electricity in power plants for homes, businesses and schools once the contaminants are removed. It can also be used in industrial and utility boilers, or blended with marine fuels. Recycled refined oil can also be used to make lubricants. Other areas in which the recycled used oil is beneficial include industrial burners, mold firms for releasing products, bitumen-based products, hydro oil, additives in manufacturing, and transformer oil.

You can start recycling your oil by delivering it to an oil collection center that will pre-treat, recycle and sell the oil. You can find many recycling facilities for used oil today. By disposing of your oil properly, you will be helping to preserve the environment while saving energy.


Most people don’t give a second thought to the improper disposal of oil, and simply pour it into the trash. This improper disposal can lead to oil being deposited in back yards, on landfills, into storm drains or even sewers. This can lead to contamination of drinking water, groundwater and soil. Sewer treatment systems may also be damaged.

Recycling waste oil keeps it out of the waterways, rivers, lakes and groundwater sources where you obtain your drinking water. Oil recycling is a great way to protect the environment and save energy. Motor oil can be recycled from your car, boat, lawnmower or motorcycle. This is a great way to show your commitment in protecting the environment, both for future generations and for energy conservation.

How to handle used oil prior to collection

It is very important that your oil be properly handled before being taken to the collection facility. Keep waste motor oil in a container with a lid that is both secure and tight to prevent leaks. The oil can be stored in milk jugs with secure lids. Do not combine the oil waste with other substances, such as transmission fluids or antifreeze. Store the containers away from children and ignition sources.

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