You can help me if I cannot close my eyes after eyelid surgery

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Blepharoplasty (also called upper eyelid surgery) is generally a simple and effective procedure. You will look and feel great after the operation. Choose a specialist in cosmetic surgery for your eyelids to get the best results. If something goes wrong, you need to know how to handle it.

The problem is not common, but can be serious if it occurs. The swelling that occurs after surgery is temporary. Your eyes may feel drier and require more effort to shut. You should use eyedrops as directed by your doctor if your eyes are dry after having eyelid surgery. The swelling should subside quickly, and the lid’s functionality will soon return to normal.

You should see a reduction in your symptoms of dry eyes and post-surgery inflammation after six weeks. In some cases, overly aggressive surgeries can result in long-term damages that worsen current dry eye symptoms. When too much upper lid skin and/or muscles are removed, this can lead to your eyes being unable to fully close when sleeping. If you see your doctor, this can be fixed. When you cannot close your eyelids completely while awake or sleeping, it’s best to see an eyelid surgeon who has received special training in this area.

What treatment will I need?

As each person is unique, the answer will depend on their specific situation and problem. This can happen if surgery damages the nerves which supply the eye-closing muscle. The skin and muscle can be removed in the course of an eyelid operation. It is possible that you are not blinking quickly enough, or hard enough, to shut the eye completely. The lids can’t move enough tears across the surface of your eye to make it moist.

You can increase your eyedrop frequency and use ophthalmic drops if prescribed by your doctor. To keep the eyes moist, your surgeon may suggest temporarily closing tear drains with a plug. Once these treatments are no longer effective in restoring eye comfort, reconstructive eyelid surgeries may be necessary. Most likely, your surgeon is eager to help you resolve the issue. Our recommendation is to ask your surgeon for help whenever you can. It’s important to get multiple opinions if you don’t feel at ease with your current eye plastic surgery or think that your condition is beyond the scope of his or skill.

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