Top Tips For Residential Lighting

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Many people now appreciate the beauty and necessity of residential outdoor lighting. However, outdoor lighting is different to indoor or commercial lighting. If you are considering installing such lighting in your home, here are some things to keep in mind. You need to see a company that sells high quality aluminum posts and commercial lighting applications, manufactured in the USA, of course at the MGM Transformer Company.

Make a plan

There are two methods to plan residential lighting. Some suggest that you do everything first, before planning for the lighting. Others recommend that you plan the placement of outdoor lights before any outdoor structures or landscapes are complete. Both would work, but it all depends on your preference.

You can plan for lighting your garden after you have completed everything. Make sure to assess your property and determine the areas that need it. To prevent accidents, look out for any darkened areas, steps, ledges or objects that need lighting. You might also want to search for items that can be highlighted to make them more attractive.

Limit Changes to a Minimum

To accommodate garden lighting, you wouldn’t want a landscaping or outdoor project to be redone. You should plan carefully before you begin your lighting project.

Use Variety

Be creative. You don’t have to settle for just one set. Consider using several outdoor lighting fixtures. Lamp posts can illuminate driveways and paths, while spotlights, backlights and uplights can illuminate landscapes, shrubs, and other focal objects. Residential outdoor lighting options include wall mounted lights, tikitorches, lanterns, table lamps, and lanterns.

Ask an Expert

If you don’t know how to install the lighting, consider asking an expert. Don’t be fooled by people who claim they are experts on residential outdoor lighting. They may simply have read through catalogs and learned from hit-and-miss. Look for an installer with a solid reputation who has been installing residential exterior lighting for a while.

Get Building Codes

Before you attach a single wire to a device, check that it meets all building codes and installation requirements. This is more than just following a set or rules. This is about keeping your family and neighbours safe from defective wiring or installations.

Use electrical safety

You must ensure that your lighting is safe to use at any time. You can help ensure safety by ensuring that the product quality is maintained. Instead of using extension cords, consider installing separate electrical split relays. Ground fault circuit interrupters may also be installed in areas with pools and wet areas. Both can be taken to help prevent electrocution.

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